Bridge of Earn Gala Day

Bridge of Earn, Perthshire

Front of House Engineer

In this role, I had to work along side a local hire company to gather all the equipment needed for the event on behalf of the gala committee. Other duties I had for the event included; communicating with all the acts, creating a running order and leading a small crew who assisted with the stage set up and rigging. 


The Twa Tams & The Green Room

Perth, Scotland

Front of House Engineer

At these small Perth based pubs, I would frequently work with a lot of local musicians and the occasional touring acts. Due to the venues being relatively small, I would always have to be mindful of the sound level while also creating a sound the act, audience and bar staff would enjoy.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Sound No 3

Sound Designer: Sebastian Frost

Working as a part of a team of 9, my main role was to communicate with the musicians and performers and explain what it is we were doing. I would walk the length of the castle esplanade making sure that the correct people were wearing the correct microphone or TiMax tracker and communicating with the rest of the team if any issues arose and working together to identify and solve them. This was an outdoor venue and therefore I would have to be prepared to work in any weather situation and prep the equipment accordingly.


Gimme Abba

Nevis Centre, Fort William, Highland

Elgin Town Hall, Elgin, Highland

Front of House Engineer

I travelled with the band during their Scotland tour. I quickly learned the specifications for a band I had previously no experience working with in unfamiliar venues. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

King's Theatre, Edinburgh

Sound No 2

Sound Designer: Richard Brooker

Working as a Sound 2, I would work predominately on stage during the performance ensuring that the radio microphones on the actors were all functioning correctly. I would also have to act quickly and quietly when problems arose either on stage or in the orchestra pit and communicate with the Sound 1 in order to solve the issue efficiently. I also worked closely with the actors and musicians in order to make them feel comfortable while performing.