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Perth Festival of the Arts

Perth, Scotland

Recording Support Technician

In this role, I worked with a British recording company by assisting them with the recording of several performances from the Festival which would then be edited and shared online for the public to enjoy. This was during the COVID19 pandemic and certain restrictions were observed. 


Perth Theatre and Concert Hall
(Previously known as Horsecross Arts)

Perth, Scotland

Deputy Head of Sound

This was a full time position for a local arts company in Perthshire. I designed a show for a youth theatre company, programmed desks for theatre productions and operated sound for conferences and concerts while also learning how to manage a team effectively.


Shows worked during this time include: The Signalman, Cinderella 

The Signalman - Scottish Tour

Perth Theatre, Perth

King's Theatre, Edinburgh

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Front of House Engineer

Sound Designer: Jon Beales

This production was a collaboration between Perth Theatre and Raw Materials. After operating sound on the production during its time in Perth, I was asked to join the company for the remainder of the Scottish Tour. 

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